USA Sprint iPhone Factory Unlocking Service

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This service unlocks iPhone 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6/6+,6s, 6s+, 7 & 7+ locked to Sprint USA.

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There are two sorts of services for USA Sprint iPhone unlocking.

  1. Sprint Premium unlock service:– All the IMEIs with bad ESN, phones reported as lost or stolen, blacklisted/barred IMEIs, phones against which payments are pending are supported under this unlock service.
  2. Sprint Clean IMEI unlock service:– Under this service only clean IMEI as per Sprint database is supported. If your IMEI is not clean as per Sprint database, you can still get it unlocked under premium service to be used outside USA.

Unlock processing timeline:
Average time for unlock is between 1-4 working days depending on clean/premium service.

**Please make sure:
– Don’t place barred/blacklisted IMEI under clean service, barred/blacklisted IMEI can be unlocked only under Premium Service.
– If pending payment against the phone, it can be unlocked only under Premium Service.
– If your IMEI is barred/blacklisted/bad ESN, it’ll not work inside USA even after the unlock. Such phone will work all over the world outside USA.
– Clean IMEIs will work inside USA also after unlock except iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.
– Clean IMEI supports IMEI status clean as per Sprint database only.


How to proceed once you receive unlock notification:-
Insert non accepted SIM card (foreign SIM card) into iPhone and connect with iTunes. Take backup of your phone, do a clean re-store and activate it with iTunes. Now your iPhone will be permanently unlocked! You may now proceed to re-store from iTunes back-up to get all of your data back.


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