Why Apple supplies carrier locked iPhone,how to unlock it

Why carrier locked iPhone, who gets benefited?

This question has been raised many times by new iPhone customers at various forums. Apple sold more than 4.8 million iPhones including the newly launched iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in US in Sep’13 according to data from Counterpoint Research. Most of them locked to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint network. When you buy an iPhone through a network service provider, you get it at a subsidized price. In turn, your network service provider will lock the phone to its network. So that it cannot be used on any other network. Prime example is AT&T network in USA. A new factory unlocked iPhone 5S 16 GB model costs you $649, whereas, same phone can be bought for just $199 with a 2 years AT&T contract. Now, you must be thinking how AT&T manages to give almost $400 subsidy on a new iPhone! There is no subsidy if you look at their billing plan for iPhone. It’s just that you pay the differential amount or probably more in terms of various other charges over the period of two years contract. It’s a winning situation for all. Apple gets to sell their iPhone immediately; a willing customer gets to use the iPhone without an immediate outflow of huge amount. AT&T gets a customer bound to use it’s service for next two years and pay the balance amount in the form of rental and data charges.

iPhone IMEI unlock service

You see, it resembles to the financing arrangement offered to buy other consumer products. Your credit card company sponsors a 0% EMI plan if you want to buy big LED television or your dream home theater system.

Is it possible to factory unlock an iPhone which is locked to a certain network?

It is indeed possible…., if you meet certain conditions. For example, AT&T offers to IMEI unlock your old iPhone if you have upgraded to the next higher model of iPhone on contract or if you have completed the contract terms. There are also few countries in the world where a carrier is bound to unlock the iPhone on customers request as per the local law. For example, an iPhone locked to Vodafone Australia can be IMEI unlocked on customer request any time during the contract. By the way, we won’t talk about jailbreaking or software hack method of unlocking, as it’s a troublesome, temporary solution and risks damaging your iPhone permanently. These unlocking methods also will void your warranty. What we discuss here is the safest way to use your iPhone with any network in the world. That’s Official IMEI unlocking of iPhone.

iPhone 5S IMEI unlock service

If you love your iPhone, always go for permanent iPhone Factory unlocking service only.

What if I don’t meet the conditions set by my service provider for iPhone unlock?

Nothing to worry about. iOS  Basics is a reliable and trusted iPhone Factory Unlock Service providers who can unlock your iPhone for a fee, even if it’s still under contract. Yes, you heard it, not only pay as you go phone, but we can also unlock in-contract pay monthly iPhone. At iOS Basics, we IMEI unlock an iPhone online directly through Apple database. The whole unlock process is very easy. You select the country and network your iPhone is currently locked to from their iPhone IMEI Unlock Service page. Provide the IMEI number of your iPhone and make the payment. Depending on the network your iPhone is locked to, within few hours to few days you get the unlock notification email. All you need is to restore your iPhone with iTunes for the unlock to take effect. This is the cheapest iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 IMEI unlock service at Official iPhone Factory Unlock site. This service is legit, official, fast and permanent. You don’t loose your warranty and you can upgrade to next iOS version without any fear of your being locked again.

Permanent iPhone IMEI Factory Unlock

There is a team of experts working 24/7 on your iPhone unlocking requests and they’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. iOS Basics employs staffs who are highly qualified and not only fond of but also sleep, drink and think only iOS devices. To know more about the unlocking process, visit our iPhone IMEI Unlock service page.

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