What is Official iPhone Factory Unlocking Service?

When you buy an iPhone on contract from a service provider, it’ll be locked to that particular service provider. Which means you’ll not be able to use your iPhone with any other network sim card until it’s unlocked. There are various methods of unlock, like software hack, sim inter-poser etc. which voids your warranty and risk damaging the phone itself. Official factory unlocking means your iPhone is IMEI unlocked officially by Apple to use on any network in the world.

iPhone factory unlock is official unlocking solution for Apple products like iPhone and iPad. Unlike traditional gevey sim / turbo sim / jailbreak and ultrasn0w unlock , official iPhone unlock service is processed over Apple database. This process helps customer to unlock genuine way without risking warranty or any software defects. The unlock is good for lifetime and works around the world regardless of Sim Card Carrier.

Is iPhone Factory Unlock Permanent?

Yes! iPhone IMEI unlocking service offered by iOS Basics is official. IMEI Unlock is Processed Officially by Apple and this factory Unlock is permanent, no matter how many times you restore or do software iOS version upgrade through iTunes. Once unlocked officially, you can use your iPhone as if it was never locked. It’ll work with all sim cards worldwide and remain unlocked no matter how many time you do software update or restore your iPhone.

Can you unlock even the non-supported basebands?

This is not a software hack way of unlocking using jailbreak software and ultrasn0w. So there is no question of non-supported basebands.

We can unlock any iPhone with any basebands, bootloaders or iOS firmwares. Supported iPhones: iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S. All iPhones IMEI processed for unlock with us are unlocked through Apple Server Database only.

Do I need to send iPhone to you for unlocking?

No, we just need three things to unlock your iPhone:

1. Name of the original network and country your iPhone is locked to,

2. IMEI number of your iPhone and

3. Cleared payment for the unlock.

Unlocking process is done online by updating your iPhone’s IMEI as unlocked in Apple’s database. Your phone gets unlocked automatically the next time you update/restore with iTunes.

How do I pay for Official iPhone IMEI Unlock Service?

We have currently three method of payments which you can see at checkout page under payment gateways.

Paypal: iOS Basics is Paypal verified and Paypal is our most preferred way of accepting payment as it is secured and provides cover to both the buyer and the seller. We accept Payment using PayPal and Credit Cards. If you want to pay using credit card, Kindly choose “I don’t have PayPal account” option on the Paypal login page. Our site is auto-connected with PayPal and all payment will be updated in real time in your account.

Bank Transfer: We offer Direct Bank transfer method only for Indian Customers.

iOS Basics Credit: We have enabled this option on demand from frequent unlockers. Under this method, you pay certain lump sump amount as deposit, which appears in your account as iOS Basics Credit (Account Funds). You can utilize this method during checkout to pay from your credit. Note: If you don’t have credits in your account, or the cart amount is more than your credit amount, this method of payment will not be visible on checkout page.

Do I get refund if my phone doesn't get unlocked?

Yes, we offer 100% refund in case your unlock does not go through for whatever reasons. We refund you through PayPal with Paypal refund option that helps you to recover your PayPal fees also. Please note that you’ll not get a refund if the phone status is unlocked as per Apple database but still you are not able to unlock it because of any pre-existing hardware fault in your iPhone. Our job is to unlock your iPhone in Apple’s database, once the iPhone is IMEI unlocked, you just need to restore your iPhone with iTunes for the unlock to take effect. We’ll help you to troubleshoot as much we can. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions page for details.

How do I find my iPhone IMEI Number?

There are many ways of finding your iPhone IMEI number, however, we recommend only the following methods:

1. You can find it by dialing *#06# in your iPhone.

2. Get from your iPhone menu by going to Settings > General > About > IMEI.

Don’t take IMEI number from the box, as there are chances of box being changed with another iPhone.

How much time it takes to IMEI unlock an iPhone?
iPhone IMEI unlock may take from few hours to few days. Time to factory unlock varies depending on the network your iPhone is locked to. You may refer to the respective Official iPhone IMEI Unlock Service page for details on time taken for unlock.

Can I cancel my iPhone factory unlocking order and get refund?

The answer is Yes and No. You can cancel your order till the time we process your iPhone IMEI in Apple’s database for unlock. In this case, you need to contact us by sending an email to support@iosbasics.com and we’ll cancel the order and refund your money.

However, once the iPhone IMEI is processed with Apple database, there is no way to cancel your order.

How'll I know when my iPhone is factory unlocked?

We inform you through email after the IMEI unlock is done. You’ll get an auto generated email as soon your iPhone’s IMEI is unlocked. Our email might go into your Spam folder sometimes, so better check your Spam folder as well before contacting us. You may also consider adding our email address to the safe senders list so that our emails gets delivered directly into your Inbox rather than Spam folder. Don’t worry about Spam or bulk emails, we hate it as much (or probably more) as you do.

I received an iPhone factory unlock confirmation email from you, what's next?

Once you get the unlock notification email from us, you need to restore your iPhone with iTunes for the unlock to take effect. Follow the below procedure:

1. Make sure your sim card doesn’t have a PIN code set to it.

2. First insert a non supported simcard in IPhone, if u get signal and network you are done.

3. If you are asked for activation, connect iPhone to your computer and activate it using the latest iTunes version.

4. You may also use your wireless internet connection directly from your iPhone to activate the phone instead of connecting it to a PC.

5. If there is any problem with activation or with getting signal, backup your important data from your iPhone, install latest iTunes version and update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.

Note: If you are using an iPhone 3G or 3GS and you have iPad baseband (baseband 6.15.00), you need to downgrade your baseband first and then update to the latest iOS version.


Steps to factory unlock your iPhone

Select the network your iPhone is currently locked to. Press Add to Cart button. Fill in all required information, write your IMEI in the given Field. Click on Place Order button.
We are Paypal verified, Premier account seller and accept international payment only through PayPal or Credit Card processed through Paypal. You will receive payment receipt and order details through email.
You will receive an email with notice about your unlock according to the time lines mentioned in respective product page. If the unlock fails, you will receive a no question asked 100% refund.
You’ll need to perform an iTunes restore/activation for the unlock to take effect. Insert any non-supported SIM card inside your iPhone and connect iPhone with iTunes. Update/activate it, your iPhone will be factory unlocked