iPhone 6s – What’s new!!!

Change is inevitable and Apple lives up to this adage every time they launch a new iPhone.

The newly launched iPHONE 6S Plus introduces an all new way to interact with your phone- 3D Touch which essentially means that now you can get different interactions with the screen like Apple Watch and new MacBook.. It senses how much pressure you apply to the display and brings a whole new dimension of functionalities to the experience, much to the delight of the user.


3D Touch lets you do what Apple calls ‘peek’ and ‘pop’. Basically peeking on means previewing the piece of content by pressing lightly on the screen and when you ‘pop’ press on the screen longer it expands the content, letting you interact with it. Hence, it covers every minute detail from pop-out menus to previews of Web links before you open them along with a growing library of apps and games which enables you to make the most of this technology.


How does it do it? Well, to do this Apple has employed capacitive sensors integrated into the backlight of the Retina HD display and when the screen is pressed, those sensors measure the space between the cover glass and the backlight. Combined with the touch sensor and the iPhone’s accelerometer, these provide a continuous response to the finger’s pressure.

Apple’s most sophisticated haptic feedback engine, which it calls the Taptic Engine is now here to be able to respond according to the different levels of pressures on the screen. With these features it could be successfully used for sketching and art apps in particular.



Bigger size? Bigger is mostly better and the near-tablet feel of iPhone 6S Plus proves it with a bigger battery, larger screen and higher resolution. The Plus gets you a 5.5-inch display instead of the 4.7-inch one of last year’s iPhone 6S and while the Plus’s camera sensor and resolution is identical to that of 6S, it adds optical image stabilization, which delivers blur-free photos in certain light conditions. iPHONE 6S Plus also boasts of having an all new A9 processor and double RAM (2GB) from last year’s iPhones empowering faster-feeling system speed with apps that load better when you swap between them. The extra incentive of always-on Siri will help people who are always on the GO!

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab the all new iPHONE 6S Plus launched in India on 15th October midnight. And, do remember to include clothing with bigger pockets in your wardrobe in order to be a proud owner of iPhone 6S Plus.