How to unlock Sprint, Verizon or Vodafone Netherland NL iPhone 4S with Gevey sim

This tutorial will provide you with the required tips if you are struggling with Sprint, Verizon, Vodafone Netherland NL or any other CDMA iPhone 4s unlocking with Gevey sim.

First of all, an iPhone 4s supports both GSM and CDMA network. However, an iPhone 4S from a CDMA network like Sprint, Verizon or Vodafone NL is configured to pick CDMA network first. This is called Preferred Roaming. All CDMA iPhone 4S has few files in it’s operating system which is configured with Preferred Roaming List (PRL) that forces the iPhone 4S to look for those CDMA network first before trying to connect to any GSM network. And, that’s where the problem starts and lot of people trying to unlock a CDMA iPhone 4S with gevey sim are struggling. So, what should you do to stop your iPhone from looking for CDMA network from PRL and connect directly to the GSM network you want it to? Answer is straight forward… need to disable CDMA modem of your phone by removing PRL files. Once you are done with disabling CDMA modem, you can proceed with the normal gevey unlock instructions. Here are the steps you should follow before you try to unlock your CDMA iPhone 4S with gevey sim:

1. Jailbreak your iPhone with Absinthe or Redsn0w,

2. Once jailbroken, connect your iPhone to your computer and open iFunbox or any other iPhone file manager of your choice,

3. Go to var/wireless/Library then delete file “carrier_310VZW_20404_11.2.plist”. Please note that this example file name is for a Verizon iPhone, in Sprint iPhone the file name will have something like SPRNT instead VZW in it,

4. Go to System/Library/Carrier Bundle/iPhone delete folder “Zeppelin_US.bundle” and “ZeppelinDAS_US.bundle”. Again, this folder example is from a Verizon iPhone, Sprint iPhone will have a different name accordingly,

5. Delete your sim card carrier bundle in the same folder (if you have Sprint iPhone, delete folder sprint_bundle. In case your iPhone does not have this folder, just skip this step). That’s it.

You are done with disabling CDMA modem of your iPhone and it’ll not register to any CDMA network automatically. Now you can proceed with the normal gevey sim unlock procedure. I have personally tested it with Sprint and Verizon iPhone 4S and it works perfect.
Please note that if you are trying to unlock a Verizon phone, you also need to delete Vodafone NL related files along-with Verizon files . Similarly, if you are trying to unlock Vodafone NL, you need to delete Verizon files as well along-with Vodafone NL files.

These are initial steps to rule out any incompatibility issue. Now once you have performed these steps. move on to our next tutorial on How to unlock CDMA iPhone 4S locked to Verizon or Sprint using Gevey AIO sim.

31 replies on “How to unlock Sprint, Verizon or Vodafone Netherland NL iPhone 4S with Gevey sim

  • Alex

    Dominick, that is what I really need – use my iPhone 4S in GSM network only. I don’t care about CDMA, even if it is locked forever.
    I deleted both var/wireless/Library/carrier_310VZW_20404_11.3.plist and bundles from System/Library/Carrier Bundle/iPhone (Zeppelin bundles and all Vodafone bundles). But it didn’t help yesterday.
    Today I started with GEVEY+white reset SIM, then GEVEY+my SIM – it showed signal, but falls into Activation and says “SIM Not Valid”. Not sure why I was not able to see it yesterday. Anyway, I have no idea how to activate it. I have an original Verizon SIM. Could you please advise how to activate? Thanks in advance!

    • iOS Basics

      Hi Alex, the procedure mentioned above about deleting default carrier bundle is just to prevent the phone from trying to connect to default CDMA network whereas you intent to use it on a gsm network. This also helps in Gevey sim completing the unlock procedure smoothly.
      The activation error you are getting has nothing to do with these steps. It means either you have not followed the unlock instructions you got with your Gevey or the iOS version of your phone is not supported by the Gevey sim you are trying to use. You need to check if you are properly following the unlocking steps using Gevey Sim. Refer to the instructions you received with the sim. Please note that steps to follow differs depending on which Gevey sim you are using.

    • Ashish

      reset all settings save data beforehead
      2 put turbo sim and after that only connect to wifi not itunes at all and activate iphone
      3 jailbreak i used evasi0n
      4 now via ifile delete these files and bundles

      Can mail me or call

  • Dominick

    Can you just delete the whole Verizon carrier bundle folder along with the plist? I mean if you are just only going to use it on gsm networks only. And if you do that, none of the Verizon data should be in the phone anymore, right? So would that mean it will operate on gsm only???

    • iOS Basics

      Yes, you may safely delete Verizon carrier bundle. CDMA iPhones 4S are designed to operate both on CDMA and gsm networks. Deleting Verizon bundle just means it’ll not look for Verizon CDMA configurations. This carrier bundle gets restored when you restore/update your phone or click “Yes” when phone prompts for a carrier file update.

  • Alex

    When I delete files from var/wireless/Library, nothing changes. And after reboot “carrier_310VZW_20404_11.3.plist” is restored. Could anyone suggest a solution please?

    • iOS Basics

      When the phone doesn’t find Verizon carrier bundle, it prompts for carrier bundle update. Tapping “Yes” will bring it back into your phone.

      • derrickworkman

        I am having the same problem. My iPhone 4s has been unlocked and working fine for months now and when I connect it to itunes it always asks to update the carrier settings for my phone, I of course always decline but a few days ago I accidentally accepted. This is where I began to have the same problem Alex was having.

        When my phone was unlocked earlier I deleted the carrier_310VZW_20404_11.2.plist (.2 version) and the phone went through the process and unlocked. Now when I delete the carrier_310VZW_20404_11.3.plist (.3 version) it seems to always come back even after I delete it and I cant unlock the phone.

        What happens is I delete all the correct carrier files, restart the phone wait about 20 seconds and the phone activates. I can then access the phone and the gevy black screen comes up I click accept and it no service I wait for about 1 minute for Gevy to try and find service and then a box comes up and says phone can not be unlocked contact your carrier if this problem continues. The phone then sends me to the activation loop but I then have service bars without my service provider showing, but the phone becomes locked in activation mode.

        I think somehow there is another script telling the phone to reload/redownload these carrier bundles after they have been deleted which forces me back into the activation loop once Gevy picks up a signal.

        • iOS Basics

          Hmmm….this seems interesting. I have not tried it with the recent carrier file version. Have you up-graded the iOS since you were successfully unlocked using Gevey? What iOS you are currently on? Are you deleting the folders “Zeppelin_US.bundle” and “ZeppelinDAS_US.bundle” and your sim card carrier bundle under System/Library/Carrier Bundle/iPhone?

          • iOS Basics

            That’s strange. It should be working perfectly fine with iOS 5.1.1.

            Check with wifi, 3G or any other internet settings disabled (phone will require some internet connection to update back these files automatically). If it still gets updated automatically, it means file didn’t get deleted at the first place or it’s coming back through some other means. In that case remove the sim card as well and check if these files coming back. Make sure that you are running the file explorer with admin rights.

  • Ricardo

    It works on IOS 6.1.2?
    I didnt find the file carrier_310VZW_20404_11.2.plist.
    My problem is only remove the international dialing code of vodafone nederland ( unless my iphone is locked to verizon usa)

  • Kris W. Nittler

    Sorry, disregard my 1st post. The iPhone 4s says that the sim is not compatible. Any Ideas. I am using tether me to unlock the apn settings and I used the above method to delete the carrier bundles

    • iOS Basics

      APN settings has nothing to do with activation. Just check if your sim is correctly configured. What is the IMSI and ICCID of the sim, is it according to what is expected by the network the phone is locked to?

  • ashish vishwakarma

    Hi , Will this method also work for R-sim ? as my phone is Iphone 4s 6.0.1 version of Sprint and its works with R-sim turbo sim but whenever signal lost it picks Sprint network … Please guide me how to fix this .. Will be very very thankful
    feel free to call me on 9711261331 .. Please help .

    • iOS Basics

      This will work with R-Sim as well. It’s all about disabling preferred network list which is CDMA network for a CDMA phone. That’s why everytime you loose signal, phone tried to connect to. CDMA network first.
      Just check if you can jailbreak 6.0.1. Probably you need to upgrade to 6.1.

      • ashish

        Thanks a lot . I just got my phone jailbreaked with Evasion and deleted only “Zeppelin_US.bundle” and “ZeppelinDAS_US.bundle” these 2 files and didnt find any of the file name carrier* in folder said and

        Noticed Sprint_US_bundle and sprint_* 3 folders more in step file so was confused and didnt deleted any .

        Will this be ok . Please confimr and thanks much for help .

  • Isabella

    I`m afraid if I delete those files my iphone will end up completely unfunctional s: s: does it have something to do with it? and if it happened, what could I do?

    • iOS Basics

      It’s a tested method, don’t worry, nothing will happen to the phone. These are just carrier setting bundle files. Anyways, you can get them back by restoring your phone if something goes wrong.

      • Isabella

        Thanks for your unexpectedly fast reply :D I really was scared, but seems like I just installed the gevey for the third time with the white reset simcard and it worked perfectly fine :D :D
        If it keeps troubling I’ll do this though (: thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

        • iOS Basics

          No problem, great that it’s working now.

          The problem with CDMA iPhones is that they always prefer CDMA network over GSM. So even if you using only gsm part, the moment you loose signal, phone starts searching for cdma network and that way it takes bit longer to get the gsm network. This method is for removing that preferred network setting.

  • wasiem

    hi, i have verizon CDMA 4s i am using jeve sim card but my sms are not going. i am useing in pakistan. and my phone is not jailbrake. is there any way to send sms? please guide me. best regards

    • iOS Basics

      This is the problem with gevey sim. After iOS 5.1.1 many a times your message centre number gets changed to the original carrier the phone is locked to. You need to change the message centre number to your local networks number. Find out from others about what is the number and update it. We’ll publish a guide about how to do it.

  • Chris

    Does this cause any issues for using it CDMA? Like say I have the 4s with Verizon. I delete these files bc I may want to use a straight talk or AT&T sim card for whatever reason. Close to Internet usage or mins etc. until my billing cycle starts over. Can I easily just swap back and forth?

    • musicloverdenon

      Don’t do it if you want to switch back and forth from Verizon to Straight talk. You can do the switch but it’s not very user friendly. These instructions are for people who wants to use only the GSM part of the phone.

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